Parenting with Blur Mobile Monitoring in the Digital Age

When it comes to parenting, it does include a lot of things. There was a time when parents were not worried about their kids. That time was without the best and latest tech services and facilities. But now, things have changed and parenting has become a real challenge for the majority of parents.

Nowadays, the increasing use of smart devices, phones, tablets as well as the internet is what makes parents worried about their kids and children. You will not see any kid above 5 without a smartphone or tablet. The kids are tech-savvy but less careful about their privacy and safety. The devices they love the most can create issues for them if proper check over their use is not maintained.

How to Do Right Parenting Nowadays?

There are a number of ways to do parenting. The modern-day parents don’t spend much time with their kids and families. That is because they work in offices and other places. The kids attend schools as well as academies for tuitions and coaching.

The first thing parents can do in the right way is to give time to the family and children. Kids want to spend time with parents. There should regular sessions of discussion, dinners as well as small gatherings to mingle with kids and become their friends. This helps parents grow better kids.

The second thing all parents should do is to educate their children about how they can keep themselves safe. Fathers and moms should encourage kids to read about the safety, news as well as how they can stay safe in the digital world. Parents should also guide kids about the dangers of smartphones, social media as well as the internet.

Lastly, the parents should get tech-savvy for the sack of their kids and teens. Today, most of the children have devices and smartphones. They also have access to the internet. They use smart watches and own the best phones of the time. Parents should use technology in order to monitor the phone and internet use of their children. How is that possible? We are going to talk about it in the next section

Parenting with Blur Mobile Monitoring

As we have said parents should get the help of tech services and facilities, there are some tools and software that can be helpful in this regard. One of the tools is BlurSPY parental control app. The name shows that it is a spy app that lets users track devices and phones remotely.

Phone Spy App

This app has a number of useful features that parents can use to monitor the phone use of their children. However, parents should inform the children about such things as it will not disturb the parent-teen relationship. Moreover, it will also warn kids to not engage in wrong activities and use their phones for productive things only.

Following are the features of the app that can help out all parents in monitoring their kids in the digital age.

Track Phone Calls

This is one of the widely used features when it comes to parenting. The feature allows parents to check phone call activities as well as record them. The app keeps a record of all incoming and outgoing calls so that parents can know who their children talk on the phone.

Track Text Messages

Tracking text messages is the need for parents to find out what their kids do on their devices. This feature can potentially help parents prevent sexting and keep kids away from predators and sex offenders. Teens will also be warned when they know their parenting is tracking their messages.

Use Location Tracker

Another great feature for the parents is to use the location tracker. Tracking GPS location of your kids has become really important in the modern age. You will not need to use any other app when you have BlurSPY Android spy as it will allow you to know about the whereabouts of your kids.

Social Media Monitoring

The app has over a dozen features that are useful when it comes to parenting. But this feature for social media tracking is really effective to keep eyes on the social media use of the kids. Parents can protect their children and keep them away from the predators with this feature.

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