Several Practical SEO Tips for WordPress  

If you have a WordPress blog that you want to optimize as greater as possible you will find many curious SEO tips in this article.

Don’t block access to search robots

The first and the main thing is to make sure that you didn’t block the access for search robots. You may believe it or not, but some installs of WordPress block search robots on default. In the administrator panel go to the menu point “Options -> Privacy” and make sure that point “would like my blog to be visible to everyone” is enabled.

Are comments permitted?

Some owners of the WordPress blogs close comments for unregistered users or just forbidden them. Sometimes it is really appropriate, but in more situations, it is really a useful thing and determinative rating of your blog.

Comments attract your readers, help to get additional points in the struggle for getting “fresh content”. It is an important thing for search optimization. How it is possible to permit commenting:

1. Enter the administrator panel

2. Choose the menu point “Options”

3. Disable the point “ Users must be registered and logged in to comment”

4. Choose menu “Discussion”

5. Make sure that such flags are enabled: “Allow people to post comments on the article” and “Allow link notifications from other Weblogs (pingbacks and trackbacks)”.

Is your blog a theme one?

Some of us prefer blogging on any topic, which can occur: cars, films, biology and so on. On its own account, it is impossible to call such a blogging style wrong, but you can confuse search systems when they will try to determine the topic of your blog and its keywords for searching.

Canonize all URL

If articles from your blog are available by several URL you can meet with the following problems:

–       Search systems will be confused about what URL they should show in SERP

–       Page Rank will be allocated between several pages

–       Doubled content will hit to filter.

Starting from version 2.3 WordPress follows it by itself, but be sure that your content is available from one place.

Use images in articles

They can not only increase the visitor’s attention, but they also give a chance to use attributes “alt”, “title” and the files’ names for adding keywords. Such things also give your blog a chance to be mentioned in search systems by images.

Use pinging

Ping is a notification “there is new content on the site”, which invites search robots to visit your blog. On default WordPress pings site Ping-o-Matic, which in its turn pings other sites. You can add other ping-services on your own by going to the menu “Options -> Writing” in the Administrator panel.

Install plug-in Google XML Sitemaps Generator

XML Sitemaps are oriented to search systems catalogs of your blog’s articles and other pages, which will help search systems to make the round of your site. Though these maps were invented by Google they are supported by Yahoo,, and MSN.

Write correct titles for the articles

Search optimization is not everything. Even if you are on the top positions in SERP you need effective words that will induce to click the link. Add keywords in the articles’ titles and if it is possible they shouldn’t compromise the title’s clickability.

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