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MK-DESIGNO invites Guest Authors, Bloggers and Writers who are willing to write. If you want to get latest news and updates on the list of topics we are covering at MK-DESIGNO, you can join our RSS feed. We are searching for good and creative Guest Authors and Writers to join our Group.


MK-DESIGNO is an internet marketing, creativity, services and educational stuffs site where we write about news and tips on Blogging, SEO, WordPress, Graphic Designing, Business and Affiliate Marketing.

In short you will get Traffic + Backlinks + Readers + Exposure.

♦ You are permitted to use only two links on MK-DESIGNO. One must be at the end of the article (Author Bio box), and you can connect one post from your site to your guest article .

♦ Your article will be revealed to all MK-DESIGNO readers and to all the social media network we are currently on.

♦ Your article would be shown in the home page for some days.

♦ You will get a brief Author Bio to uncover yourself to the MK-DESIGNO Group.


Guest Authors or Writers must regard these Guidelines. If anyone found disobeying any of these guidelines will immediately be prohibited without any prenotice.

♦ Credit : We respect all individual’s work and if your idea is borrowed from some one else’s work, then don’t hold back to give credit. Same applies to images and videos which you use on your article.

♦ Image + Video : “Images convey thousand words”. So when you compose an article for us, try to add suitable images to make your article more visually attractive.

♦ Affiliate link : Please do not put any affiliate links.

♦ Self promotion : We have already added a byline at the top and your author bio will be visible at the bottom of your post. So don’t put anything for individual promotion and unwanted service.

♦ Copyright : We respect all individual’s work. In case we noticed out that you have been imitating article from somewhere you will prohibited immediately from MK-DESIGNO.

♦ Comments : Make sure comments on your article should be conversational once your post is published. Try to respond to the queries of all readers by way of comments. This will help visitors and also grant you more exposure.

♦ Number of Words : The articles should include atleast of 500 words.

♦ 100% of the article rights will be owned by MK-DESIGNO. You will no longer own the rights to the article.

If you have any suggestions or queries related to guest posting, Contact us.


Its very easy.

♦ Get registered as a author on this site.

♦ After successful registration, go and fill in your profile.

♦ Visit Gravatar.com and add an image for your email address, since it is a must in your profile.

♦ Now to submit your article, go to Posts -> click Add New. Now write up an article and do all the necessary tasks like add tags and assign categories. Once done, click to submit for admin review.

We don’t want anyone who allowed for a guest post create any kind of spam post. So, now we will publish all article after review so if you want to write any guest post on MKDESIGNO then you can just contact us and let us know about what type of article you want to submit.

That’s it. Now, if your Article meets all the above mentioned Guidelines then it will be published.

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