How Wearable Technology Can Enhance Our Living Experience

Technology is becoming so much a part of our lives that it will now be a part of our bodies too – from navigation to tracking fitness, everything from cooking to music uses technology in some way. People carry mobile phones with them everywhere and use them to take and send pictures, videos, and to play music.

Wearable Technology

Thousands of everyday devices that we use constantly make use of electronic technology in order to operate. Many of us actually carry wearable technology in our pockets in the form of smartphone apps that measure our moments and tabulate the data to tell us what we should be doing extra to stay fit, or finish a task on time. There are many wearable devices in the market that help us track our fitness and keep a count on our calorie burn.

A lot of these devices have haptic technology sensors that know what you are doing and relay this data to a smartphone or PC app., similar technology is also used by Lechal and they have come up with smart insoles, that not only help with navigation but also with fitness. Lechal assures 95% accuracy in terms of calorie count and fitness tracking, when compared to other fitness devices available in the market.

This is just the beginning to show how technology can enhance our living experience. Google Glass is one technology that can change our lives forever. This Glass gives you the insight into the entire world’s knowledge, or Google Search to be precise. It will be a small connected LCD screen in front of your eyes, controlled by both voice and touch – on the frame. It will let you make calls, search and surf the internet, record and share what you see. It also pops-up Google Now like cards and shows you the way. In other words it will pretty much take over the smartphone.

One of the most common uses of wearable technology will be activity trackers. They store data about you and analyse it using smartphone apps. Lechal’s smart insoles, The Nike Fuel Band, Jawbone Up and Fitbit Flex are becoming popular not only in the US but even other countries. The devices typically track your physical activity and tell you if you are reaching your goals.

The various sorts of Wearable Devices available in the market are –

  • Smart Eyewear or Glasses
  • Heads-Up-Display Devices (HUD)
  • Smart Watches
  • Smart Bandages and Belts for tracking health and fitness
  • Smart Clothing
  • Wearable Scanners
  • Navigational devices and many more.

The wearable technologies are gaining popularity and acceptance with the consumers for making their lives more convenient and worthwhile.

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