5 SEO Benefits of Responsive Design Can Make You Lead Marketplace

SEO Benefits

Before we investigate the very prominent topic of SEO benefits of responsive design, we would like to ask you, what exactly is responsive design?

Do you mean a website that is developed for mobile? NO! It is not a responsive website design, but a separate mobile website. To get clear you with the terminology, ‘responsive website design’, we are going to brief it quickly for you.

What Is Responsive Website Design (RWD)?

Let us start by explaining to you as Google’s Matt Cutts, “Responsive design just means that the page works totally fine whether you access the site URL with a desktop browser or whether you access that URL with a mobile browser.”

Cutts also stated, “Things will rescale, the page size will be taken into account.”

Now, if you get it, let us explain it technically. Responsive website design is about rescaling elements of the main website. CSS is primarily used to arrange the page elements in the layout such that it gets compatible with devices like mobile, tablets, phablets and other smart devices.

Now, if you are thinking about why responsive website design when a separate mobile website can be designed, we have distinguished between the two.

Why Responsive Web Design Over Separate Mobile Websites?

responsive vs mobile site

Though it is an era of mobile-first indexing, there exist a few reasons for which users are choosing responsive web design over separate mobile websites.

  • RWD has the same backlinks as its master site. Unlike RWD, separate mobile website will need unique URLs.
  • RWD need not generate different social media links.
  • RWD does not need different content from the master website.
  • RWD offers ease-of-accessibility.
  • RWD allows users to access the website anywhere and anytime on any smart device.
  • RWD does not require any additional resources for its maintenance from a technical perspective.

This was enough of why choosing a responsive web design. The primary concern is, how it will give SEO benefits.

How Responsive Web Design gives SEO Benefits?

#1: No Duplicate Content

No Duplicate Content

RWD has its URL with ‘m.’ version, thus it does not create the issue of duplicate content, hence your website stays away from Panda stick. In contrast to this, a mobile website needs unique content and URL too.

#2: Less Bounce Rate

reduce bounce rate

Though your website is popular, on average users do not stay on a website, if its loading time is more than 3 seconds which gives a count to your bounce rate. On the other hand, the fact says, the average loading time of a desktop website is 7 seconds and that of responsive web design is less than 3 seconds. Here is how RWD reduces the bounce rate.

#3: Stronger Link Building

strong Link Building

As stated above also, the responsive web design has the same URL as of the master website. So, every time it creates a backlink, the link building profile of the website gets stronger.

#4: Cost-Effective

Cost Effective

The mobile website you develop from scratch would definitely need resources and efforts too. Against this, RWD does not need huge resources to get launch, but the only optimization in the existing website to embrace the user experience.

#5: Improved Mobile Search Ranking

Improved Mobile Search Ranking

Responsive website design enhances user’s experience and ease of accessibility to the users which brings more traffic to the website. This in turn not only improves the mobile search ranking but also the backlinks of the website.


The bottom line is, mobile-first indexing is making the buzz following which a plethora of websites has offered RWD for its users and making a good ROI. If you are still stuck in the era of desktop version website or mobile website, it’s high time when you must join the trending technology to win the marketplace.

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