Popular WordPress Plugins

There are couple of wordpresss plugin which is most well liked on internet.

We can add additional characteristics and utility to our website utilising plugins which wordpress itself don’t provide.So, you can enhance the functionality of your website.

Here is some plugin details :

Ad Injection plugin

This is one of the best WordPress plugin and I love it most to brandish advertisements in this blog. It injects any advert (e.g. AdSense) into the WordPress posts or widget locality. It can restrict who sees the ads by article length, age, referrer or IP and so on. Ad Injection is compatible to the caching plugins and that’s another cause why I love it.

Akismet plugin

Akismet is the old lion in the area of stopping spammers. But the lion is bit naughty and often catches genuine remarks. Many bloggers deplore that Akismet has deleted the legitimate remarks even before the blog proprietor observed it. Although, it is still used by millions, Akismet is rather possibly the best way in the world to defend your blog from comment and trackback spam. I use Akismet and GASP combined to competently fight against spam remarks.

All in One SEO Pack plugin

This is another vintage lion. I use WordPress SEO for my other blogs but I’m still utilising AIO on this site. It is partially due to its compatibility with my theme and partially because, when gigantic figures of bloggers are using, it really deserve its position. AIO calls it an Out-of-the-box SEO for your WordPress blog. Now, whether it is the best WordPress  plugin or WP SEO, let’s talk about.

All in One Webmaster plugin

I use this plugin for three foremost webmaster’s tasks – 1) Sitemap proposal to Yahoo, Google, Bing and Ask.com. 2) To automatically add Bing, Alexa, Google, Yahoo, Facebook Insights, Facebook, Blogcatalog Webmaster Meta-tag and 3) To add Google, GetClicky.com, Quantcast.com, Compete.com Analytics scripts on my site. So, in fact, it is as the title is all in one webmaster device – the best wordpress plugins.

AntiVirus plugin

Numerous bloggers even don’t know that there lives an Antivirus plugin for WordPress blog, but, this is actually helpful and highly suggested to every blogger. On any new blog I install it at the end when I’ve established everything else. Then I run scan and verify everything is protected.After than when I glimpse alert dispatched in my internet message, I directly leap into the theme folder and delete the newly conceived documents or modification in living ones. This has really assisted me to run blog without difficulty for long.Therefore, Antivirus is a security solution as a smart, competently plugin to defend your blog against exploits and spam injections.

AZIndex plugin

This is the best WordPress plugin if you desire to conceive sheets with alphabetical register of your posts. I use it to brandish the index of all of the posts in this blog. It makes you very simple to gaze for any post you’ve published previous. AZIndex is a user amicable and hghly customizable  plugin to conceive one or more alphabetical indexes of chosen articles in your WordPress blog.

cbnet Ping Optimizer plugin

Protects your wordpress site from getting tagged as a ping spammer. (Note: this plugin is a branch of the MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer plugin, with registration/activation functionality removed)

CloudFlare plugin

Page speed is now one of the ranking component and if your site burdens slow, it is hampering your ranking. There can be a number of procedures to speed up your sheet loading. CloudFlare is one of the services to defend your blog against attacks and its CDN helps to boost page load speed .This plugin integrates your blog with the CloudFlare platform.

CommentLuv Plugin

CommentLuv and KeywordLuv always continues the best WordPress plugin to reward my readers by mechanically putting a connection to their last blog post at the end of their commentary.There is a premium type of CommentLuv accessible and I was much excited. However, the cost is high sufficient when I missed the $20 offer. I don’t think I’ll pay $40 or more for this.

Contact Form 7 Plugin

This is the best WordPress plugin to add a ‘Contact Us’ sheet on your blog. It is simple but flexible. I made my contact Me page with this plugin.

FD Feedburner Plugin

WordPress has its own feed scheme and it serves almost all reason but if you favour to use Feedburner, this plugin is suggested to forward all feeds to a Feedburner feed. There are larger number of options to set alight your feed and release through Feedburner.

Feed Pauser Plugin

How many times you observe problems after you release your article? It often occurs to me and I need to rectify it before it is distributed widely. Feed Pauser is the best WordPress plugin to hesitate a feed from directly being released. Not only to pause, you can furthermore disable individual post from appearing in feeds. In fact, all articles are not equal, isn’t it?

Google XML Sitemap Plugin

Developing a sitemap and submit it to all the major search engines  is one of the most significant SEO step. Google XML  Sitemap will develop a special sitemap.xml  file which will help search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing and Ask.com to better catalogue your blog. This is a most recommended if your topic does not have SEO features.

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

This is decisively the best WordPress plugin. GASP is a very simple plugin that adds a client side developed checkbox to the comment form requesting that the client bangs it to prove they are not a spammer. Bots wont glimpse it, so their spam comment will be rejected.

HelloBar for WordPress Plugin

There are two distinct plugins to brandish a level bar at the peak of your site so that you can express some significant note or boasts – HelloBar or ViperBar.

Insights Plugin

This is a little and unbelievably helpful plugin. It permits you to rapidly search and inject data(links, images, videos, charts, news..) into your blog articles. You can search inside your own blog on from the world wide web. Very useful  and very simple to use device!

KeywordLuv Plugin

How often are you antagonise to see that your commenter is ‘towable tube’? We realise the worth of backlink with correct anchor text but how to accept the commenter’s title as that? So KeywordLuv explains the difficulty. KeywordLuv is to pay your commentators by dividing their title from their keywords, in the connection to their website, giving them advanced anchor text. For example, leaving “Mike@ MK-DESIGNO” in the title field.

Login LockDown Plugin

This is likely the best WordPress plugin for security of your blog. Most of the hacking is done through brute-force procedure and it stops them to get access  to the login after the particular number of failed attempts. Therefore, it adds some extra security to WordPress by constraining the rate at which failed logins can be re-attempted from a granted IP range. Circulated through Bad district.

ManageWP – Worker Plugin

This plugin is required if you are utilising ManageWP to handle your multiple blogs through one dashboard. It assists you to organise all your blogs from one dashboard.

NoFollow Free Plugin

This plugin is to eliminate rel=”nofollow” attribute from hyperlinks. Why would you desire to do that? Well, I installed this plugin to pay my normal comment writers with a dofollow link love. If you are commenting on this blog for some time, you should notice the links back to your site are Nofollow free. It lets you to eliminate the nofollow tag from your site’s remarks with a lot of choices customizable, per user kind exclusion, per comments enumerate removal etc .Supports  multilingual and a Top Commenters sidebar Widget.

No Self Pings Plugin

I just did not like to see my own posts recorded as pings to my new article. This plugin holds WordPress from dispatching pings to your own site.

PostRank Plugin

This is not absolutely vital but having a showcase with top posts on a widget is pleasant. It can furthermore be used to track social media analytics, and enlist with your readers from the WP dashboard.

Pretty Link Pro Plugin

This is a sweet and smart plugin to shrink, pathway and share any URL on the Internet from your WordPress website! This is a must if you are involved in affiliate marketing. Cloak your affiliate connections so that no one can rob your commission. This is a paid plugin.

ReplyMe Plugin

ReplyMe is a large plugin to drive email to scribe automatically while somebody answer his comment. I love this plugin particularly because it assists to decrease email  flooding contrasted to Subscribe to Comments plugin.

SEOPressor V4 Plugin

Daniel Tan’s well liked SEOPressor mechanically optimizes your on-page SEO to strike peak search engine rankings. This plugin analyzes and accolade a tally along with suggestions to optimize the article when you are creating. This is a paid plugin.

Sharebar Plugin

Adds a dynamic bar with distributing icons (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that alterations based on browser dimensions and page position. The cause I love this plugin is (1) You can add as numerous custom buttons as you need (2) It dynamically matches the display – whether upright at the brim or horizontal at the peak of post  based on the browser breadth.

Shorten2Ping Plugin

If you understand the power of Ping.fm you’d directly realize the power of this plugin. It sends rank updates to Ping.fm everytime you release a article, using your own domain, bit.ly, wp.me, su.pr, is.gd and other ones for shortened permalinks.

Smart Youtube Plugin

Another best WordPress plugin. It is most easy to inject YouTube videos in posts, comments and RSS feeds and peak of that with full customization. Who would believe that a line of URL will make video on your post?

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded Plugin

I accept as true there is no need to explain any farther, the title itself is conspicuous sufficient. Subscribe to comments Reloaded is a robust plugin that endows commenters to sign up for e-mail notifications. It enbarasses a full featured subscription manager that your commenter will use to unsubscribe to sure posts or suspend all notifications.

Target Blank in posts And Comments Plugin

Did you forgot to add target=”_blank” to your outgoing links in many posts? Don’t you desire to hold your visitors and open the external connections to new window? This plugin is the best one to add goal bare mechanically into post and comment content URLs and external links will open in new tabs.

Thank Me Later Plugin

Mechanically drive a ‘thank you’ e-mail to those who comment on your blog. This plugin engages the users by recalling them to ascertain back for responses or new blog posts. The plugin is highly configurable with multiple notes, variable hold up and limits.

Top Contributors Plugin

The best WordPress plugin to display peak commenters and / or peak contributors if you have multi-authored site. You can display title with link to the contributor’s website or display a gallery of commenter’s gravatar in a widget.

Tweet old post Plugin

This is a little champ. There is no need to preach the power of Twitter and what would be better if it choices a random post from inside your criteria and tweets it randomly. Truly a should have plugin.

Twitterlink Comments Plugin

If you want your commenters leave their twitter ID while commenting, this plugin is best to display a connection to follow the comment scribe on twitter if they have went into in their username atleast once in the comment form.

ViperProof Plugin

Bloggers use this to easily show other types of ‘social proof’ very easily on their site to help other people glimpse that their site is worth reading. Using a easy shortcode, or the widget, users can display: – How many remarks their blog has – How many posts they’ve in writing – Number of Facebook followers- Number of Twitter followers (taken automatically from account page) – Alexa rank – and Google PR.

WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin

Tabular presentation of the posts that are released and are arranged. The Editorial Calendar makes it possible to glimpse all your posts and drag and drop them to organise your blog. It is actually a handy plugin.

WordPress Firewall Plugin

This is one of the best WordPress plugins for security. It Blocks suspicious-looking demands to WordPress and sends alert to the owner’s email. You are directly notified if any thing nasty is going on in your site.

WP-DBManager Plugin

Organises your WordPress database. permits you to optimize database, fix database, backup database, restore database, delete backup database , drop/empty tables and run chosen queries. Supports self-acting scheduling of backing up, optimizing and fixing of database.

WP-Optimize Plugin

This plugin assists you to keep your database clean by removing post modifications and spams in a blaze. Permits you to retitle your admin title furthermore. Moreover, it allows to run optimization on your wordpress root tables (apply with caution).

WP-UserOnline Plugin

Not that necessary, but still good to glimpse how many users are online on your WordPress site.

WP About Author Plugin

Effortlessly display customizable author bios underneath your articles. This adds a little more features and the gaze is really pleasant to the author’s bio box.

Yes I understand, they are too numerous, but I am too hungry to leave any of them out. Although, because blog loading speed is considered one of the grading factor and because too numerous plugins slows down the site, I’ll have to slash the list short. Which of these plugin you suggest to eliminate from my site? Looking forward for your suggestions.

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