SEO from a beginner’s perspective

My name is Grace and I have now been working with SEO for 6 months. I have never had any academic training in the subject and I have had to learn on my feet.

I started working for a men’s accessory company in January 2017 with the promise of being taught on the job all things link building and SEO. The past 6 mseo-896175_960_720onths have been eye-opening and fascinating and I’d like to share some of the experiences I have had.

One of the first things I was taught was outreach. Contacting people in the hopes of being allowed to create a guest post or collaborate together was tricky as a beginner as I wasn’t 100% sure about what to say in my initial emails and how short or long to make them.

I felt a little demoralised at first as I wasn’t getting many responses to my emails and I wasn’t really sure what to do or where to go from there. After a couple of weeks, I sat down and completely changed the way I wrote my emails and I now keep them as short as possible and instead of adding in unnecessary information, I just tell the recipient the details I think they will want to know.

When I first began becoming acquainted with Ahrefs, I didn’t know just what a valuable tool it would become to me. When I first started my job, I used it to simply check out pages’ domain ratings in order to assess whether they were a good site to work with. Now I instead take a number of things into consideration, such as how they are progressing, their organic traffic and their link profile. All these things I can do easily through Ahrefs.

Instead of using Google to find prospects for outreach I now use Ahrefs’ referring domains feature almost exclusively. It is an invaluable tool for finding sites, especially blogs, that have become lost in the Google search rankings. Often I have found that bloggers link to other bloggers, and referring domains is the easiest way to find these.

As our time at the company progresses and our knowledge and understanding widens, we have been trained in lots of new areas. For example, we now regularly carry out keyword analyses to make sure that our on-page SEO is the best it can be for ranking.

We have also just completed Brian Dean of Backlinko’s ‘SEO That Works’ course which has left us all prepared to step up our game. We are beginning to formulate ideas for ‘power pages’ as Brian calls them, and are ready to see the impact that these will have on our traffic and rankings.

As you can probably tell, I am still learning SEO and I am very much a beginner. My skills are not advanced, but I feel that I have learnt so much over these past 6 months and I’m excited to see where SEO can take me and how good I can get!

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