Four Useful Gadgets for Fitness

There are some fitness gadgets which are able to increase motivation in sports. If you think that modern gadgets can only make a person lazy you are really off base.

Just imagine that you have a chance to turn your fitness into a very interesting game and share your achievements in training on your Twitter and Facebook pages. Such devices combine business with pleasure and they try to galvanize you into action.

Here you will read about four fitness gadgets which will make your training more fascinating.

Nike FuelBand

Fitness    Fitness

This gadgets seems to be one of the best motivators for sport trainings. It is a special bracelet its task is to show the statistics of your exercises: time spent on training, covered distance, the amount of burned calories and so on. All information is shown with the help of built-in LED. Nike FuelBand can be connected to iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch in order to show the results in detail (with graphs and detailed statistics). As a bonus there is a meter in this app which can be set to count any active exercises. It will motivate you to beat your own records and to share victories in Social Networks.

Fitbit Ultra

The task of this fitness gadget, which size is as small as USB flash, is the same as inthe Nike FuelBand gadgett. But this device can provide more detailed statistics, which can illustrate if the user became lazier or more energetic. Some part of it can be seen in the built-in LED-screen, and the detailed one you can see at any device: at your PC, Smartphone or through Bluetooth or USB connection. Fitbit Ultra is even able to record your sleep duration and to analyze its rhythms. In order to do that, you just have to fasten it to your sleepwear and activate the needed mode.

Motorola MotoActv

Motorola made more advanced gadget MotoActv for more serious sport fans. MotoActv is got up in very much strong metal and water-resistant body. It can be fixed at any part of sportswear or to your hand. This device functions at Android OS, the navigation is out into effect with the help of the touch screen. If you want to see minute statistics of your trainings you will have no need to use any other device. MotoActv has all the needed software. It has a built-in accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS in order to track the time, pace and distance during training. This gadget can be connected to Bluetooth-stereo headphones via Bluetooth-port and play music. MotoActv has 8-16 GB built-in memory for this aim.

IPod Nano

This gadget from Apple Corporation combines several devices: MP3-player, fitness-helper and clock. IPod Nano was the first which showed a conception of “smart clock”. It gave a boost to making many other similar devices. A short time ago it was made an app for this gadget which allows connecting it to the Nike’s digital snickers in order to get the statistics about your active lifestyle. Minimal size and weight, wide functionality, pleasant design and good quality make iPod Nano the best thing for active people and fitness freaks.



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