How to unlock android phone after many wrong attempts?

There is a typical problem with several Android users that, someone (playing with their mobile phone) activates the lock by drawing wrong several unlocking patterns, leading finally to a window asking Google account User name and password.


I recently got screwed up, as the child living not far away tried unlocking my phone.If wrong pattern is entered twenty times, the Android Operating System locks your phone with a “Too several pattern attempts” note and inquires for your Google account username and password.


Now there are varied reasons that folks can’t arrive out of this case –

♦ Either they do not recognize the ID/Password.
♦ The Packet data isn’t activated, so even if right ID/Password is entered, it wont facilitate.
♦ The web setting of various Network Service Provider isn’t put in.

It was a tough time on behalf of me to swallow the reality that, “MY PHONE WAS LATCHED” as the account within the phone was of somebody else’s. I googled the answer for this, but discovered unuseful tricks unlocking the phone as they required the phone to be in USB Debugging mode. But, somehow, i organised to seek out an answer to this(though it had been done accidentally). If you proceed at any mobile store they take plentiful allowance for doing easy steps for unlocking it .I will tell you what they are doing.You need to follow some easy steps. I have tried the technique on my Android phone. Probably it should work on all Android devices

Note – This technique involves wiping off all data on your phone, including apps and the setting you’ve got done.

♦ Flip the phone off.
♦ Long press the top volume key, menu key and the power key at the same time
♦ Currently you’ll see a screen displaying “Android system Recover”


♦ Choose the third option(“Wipe data/factory reset”) utilising the volume keys and press the menu key.


♦ Choose the “Yes” option once more using the similar keys.

♦ After some time, it will say, the reset is finished

♦ Simply choose the boot option.

Though it will wipe all of your data, however it saves a lot of money and helps in unlocking your android device.

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