How to connect Windows XP to 7 through Local Area Network (LAN) ?

Most of the users gone through a lots of problem in creating up a Local Area Network ( lan ) affiliation. But,how to set up the connection utilising an RJ-45 connector cord.

Lets begin creating the local area network ( lan ) connection –

♦ Turn on each the machines ( in my case,i used desktop with XP and Laptop with Windows 7 )
♦ Connect the machines via local area network cable
♦ It’d show restricted property in XP & Windows 7 would say it as unidentified network.
♦ This can be as a result of generally the IPs of the PCs could also be identical,leading to duplicate IP addresses within the network
♦ Firstly,you need to make your mind up,which machine you wish to create as server.You should select that machine that has comparably smart performance.
♦ In my case, i select desktop (XP). Goto Network Connections and choose properties ( right click applicable network and so select properties ). By default, following window will popup

Local Area Network

♦ choose properties of ‘Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)’
♦ choose ‘Use the following IP address’ and enter details as following window and its finished XP machine.


♦ For Win 7 , Goto Network and sharing centre
♦ choose your network(it could also be unidentified network) and goto local area network ( lan ) connection, following window will popup.

 xp5 (2)

♦ Click on properties button, and following window will popup.
♦ Scroll for IPv4 and click on properties.

xp5 (1)

♦ Then enter details as follows.


♦ Its done. PCs are connected !!

Note – for multiple computers(using a switch or a hub) , whereas configuring network IP addresses, on third position write the significant numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 etc.

Example – For third pc, within the IP address field, write and alternative fields ought to be kept same.

I Propose – I might like router, in place of switch/hub, as it is intelligent and assigns IP addresses itself to all or any nodes and maintains network showing intelligence.

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