How to change windows logon screen?

Logon screen can be boring when you see the same screen, everytime you boot.Is it possible to chnage the logon screen? and the answer is “Yes”. Here’s the way ,how you can change your Windows logon screen through registry editor.

All you need to change the logon screen is just follow some simple steps, mentioned below –

Go to Start menu and type ‘regedit’ in the search bar,open the first result,following window will appear on your screen.

logon screen



 ♦ Select the path ‘Software’ > ‘Microsoft’ > ‘Windows’ > ‘CurrentVersion’ > ‘Authentication’ > ‘LogonUI’


Select ‘Background’ and double click on ‘OEMBackground’


 Make sure that base is selected as ‘Hexadecimal’
Change the value from ‘0’ to ‘1’ in the value data,you can again reset the value to 0 later

 Now, goto the following folder in explorer ”C:\Windows\System32\oobe\info\Backgrounds”

(If ‘info’ and ‘Backgrounds’ are not present then create it)


♦ Now paste a picture of your choice,and rename it to ‘backgroundDefault.jpg’
(Note – Size of the picture should be less than 245 KB)

 All Done..!!

If you don’t wish to do it manually,you can also do it using Logon Screen Changer by It automatically resizes large images to largest possible size.

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