5 Gadgets to Take on Your Vacation

First off, I would like to give a big thanks to MKdesigno for allowing me to guest post on their site. They are my go to spot for tips on WordPress and the newest gadgets, and I am excited to share a little of my own input and advice on my favorite gadgets.

Technology has changed the way we travel. Instead of waiting weeks to send letters back and forth, we can easily Skype our family and friends, post pictures instantly, and get directions from our smartphones. It’s gadgets like video chat and smartphones that make more and more people travel every year.

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As much as I personally love technology, I also prefer to pack light and minimize the amount of gadgets I bring along. However, once in a while I run across a gadget that absolutely changes the way I travel. Here are 5 gadgets that you absolutely need to make room for when packing for vacation.

1. Kindle Paperwhite

kindle paper whiteThere are plenty of options out there for e-readers, but the Kindle Paperwhite remains my favorite for traveling. First off, the battery last weeks. Not days, but weeks! The last thing you want to worry about when traveling is how you are going to charge up another item on your trip. The Kindle Paperwhite will not only last through your entire flight, but possibly your whole trip.

It also gives a perfect read no matter where you are. If you are reading on the beach it provides a no screen glare. If you are reading on a red eye flight, you will find a built in light. The only place you can’t bring your Kindle is underwater (but you can even find waterproof Kindle covers if you feel the need).

I also personally enjoy how compact and light it is to pack, the translation option for language learners, and the ability to adjust the text size for when my eyes just don’t feel like working. Whether you enjoy reading on long flights and train rides, or enjoy exploring new cities with guidebooks, the Kindle Paperwhite is the best e-reader for travelers.

2. Steripen Adventurer Opti Retail Pack

The Steripen Adventurer Opti Retail Pack is perfect for the more adventurous travel lovers. There is nothing worse than planning the trip of a lifetime just to find yourself sick from the water. While it is always important to get any vaccinations and come prepared with medication when traveling in certain countries, the Steripen is an incredible water purifying tool that seems almost impossible to live without once you own it.

This lightweight and easy to pack handheld purification device is unlike anything you have seen. It uses UV light to make your water safe. The light destroys over 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, ensuring that you will have a better chance of staying healthy on your journey.

What’s especially wonderful about the Steripen device is that you do not need to use the purifier in a specific bottle, but rather the container of your choice. The Steripen Adventurer Opti Retail Pack is perfect for the single traveler, but if you are preparing meals for groups then Steripen has other devices that are better suited for your needs.

3. MacBook Air

I simply could not travel anywhere without my MacBook Air! It is easy to pack in any bag, incredibly reliable, and simply the best laptop for travel. Aside from my MacBook Air, there are a few extra gadgets I always like to have when traveling with my MacBook Air:

● Virtual Private Network:

When traveling, you open yourself up to more potentialmac book vacation gadget safety and security hazards when online by using public WIFi networks. A VPN, or virtual private network, will encrypt your information and ensure that all of your information is protected and safe.

I also have used a VPN to access my favorite shows abroad. Some countries have no, or limited, access to Netflix and other popular websites. For those longer travel journeys it can be nice to have access to your favorite TV shows, regardless of location. There are many options available when choosing a VPN. This guide to the best vpns for 2015 can help assist you in finding a VPN service that fits your needs.

● Apple’s World Travel Adapter Kit: This $40 adaptor kit may not be the cheapest option out there, but it is compact, and guaranteed to work well with any mac product. I have used these adaptors time and time again, and will continue to use this kit many more times.

● Portable Power Outlet: One of the biggest issues traveling is of course finding power. Whether you are travelling by train, plane, bus, donkey, or llama, you will most likely run into the issue of power. A Portable Power Outlet will ensure your MacBook Air never dies. I personally use the ChargeTech’s ChargeAll. It will charge my MacBook Air all the way in a matter of hours. Not too shabby!

4. LugLoc

Every time I travel I can’t help but be mildly terrified my bag won’t make it off the plane. LugLoc is not able to ensure that your bag makes it, but it at least gives you the comfort of knowing where you bag is. LugLoc is a little device you throw in your luggage that lets you know where it is located.

Through your smartphone you have the ability to trace your luggage anywhere and anytime. The battery will last 15 days while it is on. The LugLoc is a pricey $69.99, but if you are traveling with important or expensive luggage, then the LugLoc may be worth it. When you spend plenty of time getting your gear ready for your epic backpacking trip, or have important items for a business trip, then the LugLoc is perfect for helping you ensure your luggage stays with you.

5. The Scrubba Wash Bag (World’s Smallest Washing Machine)

Packing light, but also smelling nice doesn’t always seem to go hand in hand. Whether you are hiking the Inca trail, backpacking through Europe, or road tripping through the U.S., at some point you will want (perhaps need) to wash your clothing.

On the road washing your clothes is much easier said than done. I’ve tried washing clothes in sinks, and had one mishap in Europe at a laundry mat where all my clothes mysteriously came out a different color (to this day I don’t know what went wrong). Thankfully, someone finally came up with The Scrubba Wash Bag.
All you need is a little bit of water and detergent, and you’re good to go. It works similar to a washing board, except it’s compactible, and easy to use anywhere. In 1-3 minutes you will have clothes that feel washing machine clean. It may take up some space in your bag, but you have the ability to have freshly cleaned clothes much more frequently so there is not a need to over pack. For $55 on Amazon you can enjoy this extremely portable washing machine wherever your vacation adventures take you.

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